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The West of England Good Employment Charter will set the standard for working practices in the region. Supporting businesses of any size or sector to improve investment in their staff, enabling more inclusive, equitable and sustainable working practices, positively benefitting people, society, and the wider economy.

Good Employment Charter animation transcript

Looking after your team isn’t just the right thing to do…
It makes business sense.
The Good Employment Charter is here…
To improve and set the employment standards in the West of England, to gain better productivity, increase retention and attract top talent…
You can become a supporter by pledging to make improvements against our 7 characteristics of good employment…or a member by committing to meet all of them.

  1. Secure Work
  2. Flexible Work
  3. Real Living Wage
  4. Engagement & Voice
  5. Recruitment
  6. Developing People
  7. Health & Wellbeing

To find out more about the Charter and the support available, visit

A good employer gets a committed workforce
A good employer gets top talent
A good employer gets increased profitability
A good employer gets a health workforce
A good employer gets better productivity
A good employer gets it.

The Good Employment Charter is a West of England Combined Authority initiative.

A good employer gets it...

Why join the Charter?

Good employment isn’t just the ‘right’ thing to do, it also helps employers achieve more and contributes to a thriving economy. These are just some of the ways joining the Charter and being an employer of choice could benefit you:

  • Higher staff retention rates
  • Better productivity
  • Healthier workplace culture
  • Top talent chooses you
Find out how to join the Charter

Seven characteristics of good employment

The Good Employment Charter aims to support employers to create workplaces that embrace the characteristics of good employment. The Charter is based on seven characteristics of good employment including security, flexibility, wellbeing and development. By making a pledge to meet these good employment standards, participating businesses can become an ‘employer of choice’.

Expert business support

The West of England Combined Authority’s dedicated business support service, the Growth Hub, provides SMEs with tailored one-to-one information and access to finance, support programmes and expert guidance. Read our latest news and tweets below.

By investing in #aining opportunities, #development and #inclusion, employees can grow and improve business performance.

Inspire and nurture your homegrown talent on your journey to become an employer of choice.

#GoodEmployment #AGoodEmployerGetsIt

Download our Business Support Guide & explore our fully funded expert business services. We’ll work with you to help your business grow & scale up

When your workforce stands still, so does your business. Take the strategic approach to the #Training & #development of your #Workforce. Not only will you profit competitively, but you'll be well placed to adjust to changing external business influences

A diverse workforce can open many doors for both employers & employees, leading to a confident workforce & higher profitability...

Join the Good Employment Charter & learn the best recruitment practices

#GoodEmployment #AGoodEmployerGetsIt

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